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Showcasing British Columbian Artists

– A Canadian Online Art Gallery

This Canadian online art gallery started with a desire to promote local artists in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia.

As a photographer, I have attended many markets as a vendor, selling my photographs on wood. Art Markets are a lot of work and result in a very long day.

Having a physical art gallery for artist to show their work and give artists some permanency. To be a part of a community of other artists. A place to have workshops and share their knowledge.

For visitors of the gallery, a place where the public can browse new artist or artists they are already familiar with. Find a piece that they love, that they may not normally get a chance to see.

This was my vision.

Then COVID hit and that idea turned into an online gallery website, for now. The vision just altered a bit.

A CANADIAN ONLINE ART GALLERY primarily focused on Artist of the Fraser Valley currently.

So please, cruise the website, take a look at the beautiful work, get INSPIRED and shop LOCAL.  If not now, later when things get a little more normal. We all need beauty in our lives. I hope to have it here with our online gallery art.


Only until the End of September, 2020
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Art of Artists of the Art Hive Collective

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Art Hive Thankful Giveaway Art Hive Thankful Giveaway

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by Sabrina Gauthier

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Are you an artist? Would you like to be a part of The Art Hive Collective. Do you have doubts, self doubts, you aren’t a professional, not good enough. And all your friends tell you that you are really good. Let me tell you a little story.

After my marriage ended, I took some courses at a Wellness College in Vancouver, BC. I lost myself in the marriage and needed to figure out who I was. The first class was dreadful, I was so shut down. As I went along though, I came out of my shell. During a Mental Wellness class, my instructor came through the door and looked at me and said, “I am really angry with you”. What, what did I do. “You have a talent and you are not sharing it with the world.” “That’s pretty selfish of you.”

I was stunned. Never had I thought of it as being selfish and that I was denying anyone anything. I had not thought that way. I was completely blown away. Then he said, “Do you want to be on your deathbed regretting that you never tried. Not trying is failing, trying and it not working out is not”

Well mind blown, and it’s something I never and will never forget. It changed my whole perspective. It changed my whole life.

That, to be would be my biggest failure. Not trying to sell my photography, not putting myself out there. Yes, it can be scary but I prefer that to the mountain of regret I will feel.

Send me an email. Let me know where I can see your work or send me some of your pieces. Join our online art gallery. 

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Featured Work

A Decisive Step by Jaspreet Sidhu

Jaspreet Sidhu

A Decisive Step

Whimsical Garden Series #2 by Yvette Gagnon

Yvette Gagnon

Whimsical Garden Series
Whispering Meadow #2 by Kathleen Truman

Kathleen Truman

Whispering Meadow #2


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Art Hive Thankful Giveaway

Art Hive Thankful Giveaway A Beautiful Beach Scene by Sabrina Gauthier A Liquid Acrylic Pour on a Gallery Wrapped Canvas. Measures 8x10 inches. Bring a piece of summer into your space. Value $89 Giveaway ends October 21, 2020 Enter today!!! Just follow this...

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