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Northern Outpost by Shirley Thomas

Our own Shirley Thomas has written a book and is available on Amazon. It’s her life in the North with some funny parts, some sad parts. Get it here. (All money is all going to the sale of the book. The Art Hive is receiving nothing, just supporting our artists)

MNP Chilliwack Testimonial

I just got the photograph by Carsten Arnold up the wall and here is what it looks like. We absolutely love it, thank you so much for your help, I will definitely think about you if we need another piece or even for myself because I enjoyed the experience so much. – Gabrielle G.

MNP Chilliwack River by Carsten Arnold
Gabrielle Gallard
MNP Chilliwack

I enjoy it more every time I look at it

I bought the Bay de Verde, NFLD painting by Shirley Thomas. Love the scene and the colours. It now has pride of place on my living room wall. I enjoy it more every time I look at it.


Bay de Verde, Nfld by Shirley Thomas
Cairine S

Now a Part of the Hive

“I learned about the Hive when it was maybe just a dream. I never lost sight of it. Now I’m a member and so happy to find a home for my pictures. Thanks K for all you do. Denis Halliwell (…a friend of Amedeo Modigliani)

Chapeau 1 by Denis Halliwell
Denis Halliwell


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