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The Art Hive Collective started with the desire to promote local artists in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia.

As a photographer, I have attended many markets, selling my photographs on wood as a vendor. Art markets are a lot of work and result in a very long day.

I was looking to have a physical space in Chilliwack, BC where artist could sell their work and have some permanency. To be a part of a community of other artists. A place to have workshops and share knowledge. I didn’t want it to be just another gallery but a collective of artist, who support each other.

I want to bring art into the Fraser Valley in a different way. There are so many talented people here. I know that from being at markets. And to bring them to the public’s attention would be fantastic to artists and art collectors alike. They can find a piece they love, that they may not normally get a chance to experience.

This was my vision.

Then COVID happended and still is happening a year later. The physical space was put on the back burner but I decided to turn it into an online gallery. The vision is still there, just altered temporarily.

THE ART HIVE COLLECTIVE started in the Fraser Valley and has started to expand across the country. We have a woman in New Brunswick and couple of artist in Ontario. 

Please, cruise the website, take a look at the beautiful work, get INSPIRED and shop LOCAL. If not now, later when things get more ‘normal’. We all need beauty in our lives. I hope you can find something beautiful here that suits your and your tastes with our extraordinary online gallery.

For now, stay safe. It won’t be long. xox


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36 Artists ranging from Photography, Alcohol Ink, Acrylic Pouring, Watercolours, Pastels, Glass Art, Woodturning and more.

Artists ranging from Vancouver, BC to New Brunswick

33 Artists of the Art Hive Collective


Are you an artist? Would you like to be a part of the Art Hive Collective? Are you feeling doubts? Your friends and family love your work but they have to, right. Do you feel like a fake, like you aren’t really an artist?

Let me share a little story with you!

After my marriage ended, I took some courses at a Wellness College in Vancouver, BC. In my marriage, I lost myself and needed to figure out who I was again.

The first class was dreadful, I was so shut down. As I kept going to class, I slowly came out of my well constructed shell. During my Mental Wellness class, my instructor came barrelling into the room and looked straight at me and said, “I am really angry with you. I thought about you last night and kept getting angrier.” I was stunned. “What did I do?” I asked. “You have talent and you are not sharing it with the world. That’s pretty selfish of you.”

I was stunned. No one had ever called me out in that way and it had never occured tDo you want to be on your death bed regretting that you never tried. Trying and it not working isn’t failing, but not trying is failing.”

Mind blown. And it’s something I will never forget. He changed my perspective and my life that day.

And he’s right, that would be a huge regret and my biggest failure. Not putting myself out there and allowing myself to be vulnerable would be a huge mistake. Scary yes, but what great thing isn’t scary.  And way better than a mountain of regret.

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No regrets.

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Featured Work

A Gray Day in Vancouver by Wendy Johnson

A Grey Day in Vancouver

Wendy Johnson

Drifting on a Thought by Wendy Capp

Drifting on a Thought

Wendy Capp

Down the Path by Carsten Arnold

Down the Path

Carsten Arnold


From Light to Layers

Vickie with Camera


Divulges Her Secrets

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Vickie Legere’s Page

Auction Postponed

Auction Postponed

We are sad to announce the postponement of the art auction until after COVID is over and we can get back to ‘normal.

Gas, food and necessities are increasing in price. We feel it’s not the best time for Art Sales. We want the artists to get what they deserve.

Please watch the website for any up to date notices on the auction or sign up for our newsletter to know when the auctions will start.



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